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Amber teaches on topics that are essential for all worship pastors, leaders and team members. 

  • The "Why" behind our worship
  • Effective rehearsal and soundchecks
  • Best Song List Practices
  • How to lead the room
  • Stewarding the Atmosphere
  • Creating a Worship Culture in Your Team & Church
  • Women in Worship
  • Role as Worship Leaders


Amber teaches the pop vocal technique which helps vocalists with range, stamina and tone.

  • Vocal Exercises 
  • Increase Vocal Range and Stamina
  • Learn How to Strengthen Head, Chest and Pharyngeal Voice
  • Vowel Modification
  • Sing in a Strong Mix
  • Using a Vocal Fry
  • Platform Presence
  • Blending and Breathing
  • Artistry in Singing

Amber consults churches and worship ministries and gives feedback after observation. 

  • Check for areas to improve in
  • Give an outside view of the worship experience from beginning to end
  • Explain Culture of Excellence,
  • Rest & Feedback 
  • Feedback for Vocalists & Band
  • Song & Service Transitions Feedback
  • Worship Involvement Process
  • How to Build the Team

& Feedback

Our worship coaching is not limited to the topics listed above and can be customized for the needs of your church or team.  Please fill out the booking form to receive an extensive list of coaching and service options along with pricing. Our heart is to provide support to worship leaders and invest into the local church by training and empowering worship teams across the globe. We want to see people experience the presence of God. 

“You will benefit greatly from having Amber come and encourage your teams.”

Holly McWilliams


Workshops: Pop Vocal Technique, Worship Vocal Foundations

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